do all the homes have pools?

Yes, all the homes have pools and also have heaters. The 6 smaller properties have electric heaters that are run in the winter and included in the price. The 3 larger homes also have electric heaters as well as propane heaters for when the weather dips into the 50’s. We charge $150 per day for the propane heaters but once the pool gets to the desired temperature, then the electric heaters can usually keep up.

What is included in the kitchens?

Kitchens are fully stocked and have pretty much everything anyone would need. If something is missing, we would be happy to go pick it up for you. (Within reason). There is usually an assortment of spices though we do not guarantee to have everything our guests might want. We have napkins, paper towels, trash bags and cleaning supplies in the kitchen. There are enough dishes, silverware, glassware to accommodate the max number of guests.

Do you supply paper towels and toilet paper?

We do supply plenty of paper towels and toilet paper but it may need to be replenished depending on length of stay.

Do you have coffee available at the houses?

We have regular coffee makers as well as Keurig machines in the houses. We don’t supply coffee or tea, but often guests may have left coffee and Keurig cups after their stays. Our concierge service can pre-stock the house with anything you need for your stay including groceries.

Do the kitchens have dishwashers?

Yes, all of the homes have dishwashers and detergent.

Do you supply towels ?

All of the homes have bath and hand towels as well as towels for the pool. Everyone gets 2 sets of towels/hand/wash cloths PLUS pool towels and then there are additional hand towels supplied in the bathrooms as well as sets of grey towels in each bathroom for those that may be removing makeup/self-tanner, etc.

Do you have washing machines and dryers?

All of the homes have washer and dryers, as well as a starter supply of detergent.

Do you supply soap and shampoo in the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are stocked with bath soap, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Do you have blow dryers?

All homes have blow dryers in the bathrooms.

Do you have high chairs and cribs available?

We have high chairs, pack and play cribs, and some homes have children’s play tables and chairs.

Do you have inflatable beds?

Additional blow up beds can be provided upon request.

Do you have pool toys?

We do provide pool floats and noodles. There are usually additional pool toys left over from previous guests as well though we can’t guarantee the condition of all of them.

Do the pools have fences?

SWSS Modern Compound – No pool fence but it does have self closing doors going out to the pool
SWSS Compound 1ofAKind – No pool fence
SWSSLuxeHouse – No pool fence but it does have self closing doors going out to the pool
SWSSParadise – Pool fence
SWSSHiddenRoomHouse – Pool fence
SWSSParkPlace – Pool fence
SWSSHummingbirdHouse – No pool fence
SWSSWineDownHouse – No pool fence
SWSSOMGHouse – Pool fence

How deep are the pools?

SWSS Modern Compound – Play pool that is 3′ x 5′ x 3′
SWSS Compound 1ofAKind – Shallow end is 3′ and goes to 7′ deep end
SWSSLuxeHouse – Shallow end is 3′ and goes to 4’6″ deep end
SWSSParadise – Play pool that is 3′ x 4′ x 3′
SWSSHiddenRoomHouse – Shallow end is 3′ and goes to 5′ deep end
SWSSParkPlace – Play pool that is 3′ x 5′ x 4′
SWSSHummingbirdHouse – Shallow end is 3′ and goes to 8′ deep end
SWSSWineDownHouse – Play pool that is 3′ x 5′ x 3′
SWSSOMGHouse – Play pool that is 3′ x 4′ x 3′

Is early check in and late check out available?

Early check-in and late check out are available for no extra charge as long as we don’t have guests checking in or out the same day as your check in or check out. We can only confirm early check-in or late check-out 48 hours before arrival.

Is parking available?

Yes, garage and driveway parking is available at all of the houses. You must park either in garage or in the driveways and NOT in the street

Do you have a fitness Center?

The guests can get a free pass to a nearby LA Fitness upon request. We will need your name, email address and phone number in order to request your free pass.

Scottsdale – Shea Blvd 
7330 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ  85260 
(480) 348-0006 

Do the properties have filtered water?

SWSS Modern Compound – 5-gallon filtered water dispenser
SWSS Compound 1ofAKind – RO system at sink
SWSSLuxeHouse – 5-gallon filtered water dispenser
SWSSParadise – Filtered out of refrigerator
SWSSHiddenRoomHouse – Filtered out of refrigerator
SWSSParkPlace – Filtered out of refrigerator
SWSSHummingbirdHouse – Filtered out of refrigerator
SWSSWineDownHouse – Filtered out of refrigerator
SWSSOMGHouse – Filtered out of refrigerator