Halloween Events in Scottsdale this Month

Scottsdale Halloween party

With fall arriving in the desert vacation rentals Scottsdale, Halloween is not far behind. There’s certainly plenty to do in Scottsdale during this time of year, however Halloween tailored events will be available to the public the last week of October. Here is a list of some of the most notable Halloween events being hosted in Scottsdale this month.

OdySea Fall Festival

Scottsdale halloween

Over at the OdySea aquarium, there will be a fall festival held on Saturday the 26th of October. Admission is free and events will be held in the evening. There will be music, games, character meet and greets, face painting, and of course trick-or-treating! Additionally, costume contests will be held and various prizes will be given out. With a plethora of activities, this is a great Halloween event for those looking to entertain the little ones.

Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival

With over 20 hot air balloons present this is sure to be one of the most scenic Halloween events in the area. Taking place on the week of October 25th and 26th, this event will be complemented by live music, food and drinks, activities for kids, and of course trick-or-treating, you and your family are sure to have a blast. This event also offers tethered balloon rides, a haunted trail, and a fireworks display as well. To cap off the evening there will also be a costume contest with an assortment of prizes being given away to participants.

Halloween Spook-Track-ula

Halloween pumpkins

Stop by the Paradise & Pacific Railroad as it is temporarily converted into a haunted park for its annual Halloween Spook-Track-ula. Admission is $5 per train ride with a $15 fast pass option designed for those who don’t want to wait in lines. The event runs an entire week from October 25th to October 31st. Additionally, the railyard will be hosting a free movie night on the 25th with special appearances from a variety of movie characters. A fantastic place for the kids, this event is family-oriented in its conception and sure to host a good time.

Shopping Locations in and Around Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale AZ

If you get a chance to visit Scottsdale, you can’t do so without also stopping by Old Town. Located in the epicenter of Scottsdale, Old Town provides the best in Southwestern art, fashion, and take-home trinkets. The entire shopping district was designed with consumers in mind. Even better, Scottsdale Fashion Square is well within driving distance for those who are looking to quench their thirst for designer fashion.

Swap Meets

Swap meet Scottsdale

Visiting the best Scottsdale vacation rentals, you can find an assortment of swap meets in the valley that are open on weekends to the public. From a diverse amount of merchandise to live music and fresh food, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have at a swap meet. Plan your visit out and enjoy the day, or weekend, at any of the swap meets located in and around Scottsdale.

Desert Ridge Marketplace

scottsdale marketplace

Located in the Northern part of Phoenix, Desert Ridge Marketplace provides the public with an overwhelming amount of entertainment options to choose from. With someone of the most inspired dishes in the state being served at any of the marketplace’s magnificent restaurants you’re sure to find the right taste for your palette. Additionally, there are multiple entertainment outlets that are available for public consumption.

Tempe Marketplace

A gigantic outdoor shopping center, Tempe Marketplace is one of the public’s favorite destinations in the valley with millions of visitors per year. Featuring a pleasing aesthetic and a unique format, Tempe Marketplace includes displays of art, communal gathering areas, and water features just to name a few. With an abundance of parking you never have to worry about finding a space. The location also offers a wide variety of stores to shop at, from familiar name brands to more local businesses.

If you want to find out more about what to do in and around the Scottsdale area contact us today!

Scottsdale Before the Veil

Scottsdale Before the Veil - Bachelorette party

If you are searching for a bachelorette planning service located in Scottsdale, then look no further than Scottsdale Before the Veil!

With customized services ranging from grocery delivery to hairstyling and makeup application, everything they offer is tailored to create the perfect bachelorette weekend for you. Additionally, if you aren’t interested in any listed services, send over ideas to build your very own custom weekend.

With a sub 30-minute drive from Scottsdale to Sky Harbor Airport, it’s the perfect location for those flying in friends and family from out of town. Spend your weekend dining out at extravagant restaurants, enjoying the nightlife, or perhaps at a relaxing getaway spa. With scheduling flexibility and the power to create your very own itinerary they guarantee to conform to budgets of any and all size.

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out to Scottsdale Before the Veil either through their website or on instagram to get your dream bachelorette weekend started today!

Top Ghost Towns to Visit in Arizona

Arizona Ghost towns


Bisbee was founded in 1880 and is now a thriving community with a multitude of activities for visitors. Guests can raise the dead themselves at the Bisbee Seance Room, ride around the desert in a Jeep tour, or venture around any of the numerous hiking trails located in the area. Additionally, Bisbee is also home to a number of saloons ready to help you beat the heat!


Found along the famous and historic Route 66, Oatman is a previous mining town turned bustling tourist attraction. Activities in Oatman include Wild West shootouts, gold mine tours, and large variety of restaurants and shops to supplement your stay. In very specific cases, couples can even tie the knot in a “shotgun wedding.” One of the most unique parts of Oatman is the numerous wild burros that roam the streets, greeting tourists and begging for food. The docile burros live in the hills near town and are the descendants of burros once owned by prospectors who came during the Gold Rush.


Founded in 1893, Goldfield is a small town located between the Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield Mountains. Here, Family Vacation Rental Scottsdale residents and visitors can choose from a number of fun activities. Gold panning gives guests the opportunity to mine like those in the Gold Rush. If you are feeling more adventurous there is also a zip line available to the public. There is also the option to go horseback riding if you want to delve into equestrian activities. And of course no visit would be complete without a trip to Goldfield’s Mammoth Steakhouse and Saloon or Lulu’s Bordello.


Discovered in 1877, Tombstone is known as the site of the infamous shootout at the O.K. Corral. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton brothers dueled it out in the streets of Tombstone, and now tourists can visit the location where history was made. There are a numerous amounts of attractions to choose from in Tombstone, including the Birdcage Theatre, the Gunfighter Hall of Fame, and Boothill Graveyard, amongst others. Visitors can also see historic gunfight reenactments, ride in a stagecoach, or relax in one of the town’s many saloons.


As one of the more remote Ghost Towns in the state, Ruby is located so far out in the desert that heavy rain makes the site inaccessible. Widely regarded as the most well-preserved ghost town in Arizona, Ruby is home to a number of historic structures including a schoolhouse and jail. Visitors can also enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping.

Information On The Penske Racing Museum

Penske Racing Museum - Phoenix AZ

Phoenix, Arizona has a plethora of activities and events always occurring around the Scottsdale Vacation Rentals area. One unique location that has continued to grow in popularity in recent years is the Penske Racing Museum. The museum showcases a wide array of high-performance cars as well as trophies and a variety of racing memorabilia. Showcasing 50+ years of Penske racing, this museum is sure to have any car lover head over heels.

The Penske Racing Museum is an awesome destination in Phoenix that chronicles the historical progression of one of the most successful sports dynasties of all times. The Penske Racing Museum has on display more than 50 years of racing history. With over 300 wins over the years, visitors can explore all that racing has to offer. The museum also has features regarding the Indianapolis 500, with more than a dozen race cars on display.

In addition, the museum offers visiting privacy in the form of allowing guests to host an event for friends and family. Being able to conform from casual to elegant, the museum is a perfect place to host a private get together no matter the occasion or people. From indoor events to outdoor events that include food and beverage along with music, the possibilities are endless for those that choose to reserve their special occasion here at the Penske Racing Museum. Of course, at the conclusion of your day visitors may also choose to stop by the boutique that offers a host of racing memorabilia.

From race cars to memorabilia and books, the museum has much to offer when it comes to unique racing-inspired history. For those wishing to enjoy everything from breakfast to lunch while visiting this popular Phoenix location, there is a cafe located inside. From seeing marvelous trophies to getting up close and personal with powerful vehicles, the Penske Racing Museum is an experience that must be enjoyed by all who visit the area. The museum is easily accessible from all around Phoenix and has only continued to grow in popularity in recent years, so take a visit today!

Keeping Cool in Arizona Over the Summer

If Arizona is known for one thing its heat. From spicy cultural foods to 300 sun-soaked days annually, you can count on working up a sweat while spending summer time here. Fortunately, there are a plethora of activities to beat the heat. From white-water adventures to viewing aquatic life to a day spent on the ice, there is something for everyone looking to escape the heat in Scottsdale.

White Water Rafting

water rafting arizona

Even though we are located in a desert there is still opportunities to white water raft! Both the Upper Salt River Canyon and the Salt River Wilderness area feature challenging rapids, surrounded by shady canyons that make it perfect for expedited treks. A wide variety of Family Vacation Rental in Scottsdale will shuttle you into this grand display of nature and help teach you the nuances associated with white water rafting, no matter the previous experience you have! Depending on the type of tour you select, your experience may include scenic off-road explorations on your way to the launch site, and overnight trips are available during the dry season.

OdySea Aquarium

arizona aquarium

Scottsdale may be in the middle of the desert, but it boasts some of the most beautiful aquariums in the State. Hop aboard the Living Sea Carousel at the OdySea Aquarium and ride through an underwater wonderland where you will meet an assortment of aquatic animals. If that doesn’t grab your attention, check out the undersea tunnel and massive ocean tank at Sea Life Arizona Aquarium, home to an abundance of tropical fish, turtles, rays, sharks, jellyfish, and much more. This place is truly a perfect destination for those who have kids under the age of thirteen. For a bit more adventure, head to the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium with its more than 80 exhibits including a touch tank, penguins, and a restaurant with windows into a massive ocean tank full of sharks.

Indoor Activities

arizona ice skating

To best avoid triple digit temperatures, stick to indoor activities such as bowling, ice skating, or laser tag. With multiple Main Events located in the Phoenix area, it’s a great place to bowl, enjoy an extensive arcade, and play laser tag. AZ Ice or Ice Den are the best locations to learn how to ice skate or go with family and friends for a night out. Regardless of the activity you choose, enjoy an escape from the heat due to strong air conditioning!

Even though you’ll always have the option to relax in your Scottsdale Vacation Rental, there is so much to explore around you, both indoors and outdoors. No matter what you decide to do we feel confident in the fact that you’ll be keeping cool this summer. For more information on how to cool off this summer in Arizona, contact us today!

Scottsdale, Arizona in 48 Hours

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Heres what they said:

Recently, I visited the beautiful city of Scottsdale, Arizona. Located just 40~ minutes from Phoenix, Scottsdale is the perfect weekend getaway to escape the cold. As someone who lives in Seattle, I am always looking for more ways to soak in some vitamin D. The beauty of Scottsdale is its diversity – you can wake up early for a hike in the red mountains of Sedona before sipping mimosas by the pool in the afternoon. It’s a city that offers nature, a cosmopolitan feel, but most of all, tons of variety. Below I have created what I think is the best way to spend 48 hours in Scottsdale. NOTE: I am a brunch person, so most of the meals I splurged on were brunch. Luckily, Scottsdale has some of the best spots for brunch.


Where to stay, eat, and do.

My best recommendations for how to spend a weekend in this desert Oasis.

Step 1: Find a place to stay.

When booking a place to stay, look no further than Stay with Style: Scottsdale. They are a family owned business with some of the most fun & modern properties in the city. With 9 different properties to choose from—you can find one that best suits the needs of your group. I recommend a vacation rental over a hotel for multiple reasons: 1. You can have the pool all to yourselves. One of the things I dislike most about hotel pools is that they’re always so crowded and cabanas cost too much money to rent for the day. With a vacation rental, you can guarantee that there will be spots to lounge by the pool and that it won’t close at 10pm. 2. The kitchen. Seems like a simple thing that you wouldn’t think you would want on vacation, but having a kitchen was a huge bonus to saving a lot of money in the city. All of the properties come with a fully stocked kitchen so you can blend your own drinks to enjoy by the pool and bring your own snacks. Our rental, The Hummingbird house, even had a cute coffee bar to enjoy in the mornings and a BBQ grill to enjoy during the day. The house had everything we needed to have a stress-free weekend. 3. The price. For $265 a night Sadie and I had a 3-bedroom house with a pool all to ourselves. It was the perfect recipe for a relaxing weekend away.

An added bonus of this accommodation is that it came with a free activity planner called Concishare. This made it easy for us to book a balloon flight last minute because the owner knew the people who owned the balloon company. It was definitely a highlight of the trip!


Step 2: Find things to do.

One of my favorite things about Scottsdale is that there is never a shortage of things to do. This is a city that caters to both the leisurely and adventure travelers—and everyone who falls in between. Sadie and I knew that we had to get out and explore Sedona—a very unique and beautiful place in Arizona. Located just two hours away from Scottsdale, the first thing on our agenda was to hike some of Arizona’s red rock mountains. I had always been intrigued by Devil’s Bridge and knew this is where I wanted to spend sunset on the first day. The hike is pretty popular, so be prepared to park in overflow parking. It’s about a 4-5 mile hike roundtrip that is relatively easy. It’s a must see if you plan to make the drive out to Sedona.

Sadie walking across the iconic Devil’s Bridge. It’s relatively sturdy—but please take caution if you decide to walk out there!

Sadie walking across the iconic Devil’s Bridge. It’s relatively sturdy—but please take caution if you decide to walk out there!

A Scottsdale must: fly in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

One of my favorite things we did on this trip was fly in a hot air balloon over Scottsdale at sunrise. Initially I was afraid to go, but it has been a bucket list item of mine for a long time, and when Concishare offered the last minute opportunity, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. It was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. Flying in the hot air balloon was extremely peaceful and it was amazing to see balloons speckled across a golden sky. If you can only do one thing in Scottsdale—this should be it. The company we flew with was BalloonsAZ. Their staff was really knowledgeable and funny and they also provided a fun breakfast afterwards.


If you want to splurge and visit a pool bar for the heck of it, I would recommend the pool bar located at the Andaz Scottsdale resort. The drinks were fun and the pool had plenty cabanas to lounge around in while you sip. We spent an afternoon over here to listen to a live DJ and get our tan on.

Sadie sitting at the fun poolside bar. We loved the modern look & feel of this space.

Sadie sitting at the fun poolside bar. We loved the modern look & feel of this space.

Step 3: Find places to brunch.

I am going to be honest here and say—that brunch is by far the best meal while traveling for 2 reasons: it’s delicious and it allows you to eat two meals in the same sitting which allows more time for exploring. That being said, Scottsdale had some of the best brunch places to choose from. The two places below had amazing ambiance and food. Thanks to both Hash Kitchen and Eggstasy for providing Sadie and I with delicious eats!

Spot 1: Hash Kitchen


Hash kitchen is a must visit spot if you’re in Scottsdale. On Saturday mornings the place is like a party. They bring a live DJ, have a bloody mary bar, and serve alcoholic cereal shooters (seen above). It’s a fun way to start the morning off right.

Spot 2: Eggstasy

Located just a short distance from our rental property, Eggstasy was the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy brunch. With a large outdoor patio and a walk-up bar, you can’t go wrong with choosing this place. Some of our favorites included the lemon ricotta pancakes and their morning hash. Both equally delicious.

The food we ordered. Check out the garnishing on the bloody mary!

The food we ordered. Check out the garnishing on the bloody mary!

Bloody mary with a slice of bacon covered in chocolate.

Bloody mary with a slice of bacon covered in chocolate.

I am excited to be giving away this same experience to two people! See Instagram post for more details :)!

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

scottsdale vacation rentals

Although vacation rentals are rising in popularity, many people are still unsure if it’s home is a good choice for them. There a multitude of reasons why choosing a vacation rental home over a hotel makes sense.

Vacation Homes Offer More Bang For Your Buck

scottsdale vacation rentals

A luxurious vacation home can be rented for the equivalent price of a luxury hotel room. Stay With Style Scottsdale has homes ranging from three bedrooms to eleven bedrooms. From flat screen TV’s and air conditioning to a pool to get away from the heat, we have a rental just for you. If you are vacationing with your significant other, a group of friends, your kids, or your grand-kids, having access to an entire house allows for more comfortability and enjoyability.


A vacation rental home offers you the flexibility of a hotel in a town away from home while ensuring comfortability. Hotel rooms lack an adequate amount of space for you and your friends/family. Our luxury Scottsdale vacation rental services let you choose a quality home to provide everything you need to have a comfortable stay.


scottsdale rentals privacy

Hotels tend to be very crowded. Tourists flood the common areas at hotels making it difficult to relax. Going to the pool is a process in and of itself, from going down from your room, maneuvering the crowded lobby, and then dealing with the crowds around the pool. Relaxing in your room isn’t a guarantee either, depending on the insulation in the walls. Stay With Style Scottsdale offers private properties on quiet residential streets in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.

Family Oriented

As an alternative to hotel rooms, vacation homes have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your time away. Many families enjoy our properties so much that returning to their temporary stay is the highlight of their day. Whether it is spent laying out in the sun, playing a few games of pool, hitting up the golf courses, or around the TV each night, Stay With Style Scottsdale can provide you with the vacation you seek.

Information On The McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Scottsdale Arizona has a plethora of awesome locations to visit, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is no exception. For the type of people who enjoy the outdoors and what nature has to offer, you will discover that this unique part of Arizona, as well as your new family vacation rental in Scottsdale, has much to offer.

Considered to be one of the more popular nature preserves in Scottsdale, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a non-motorized recreation area that includes activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and rock climbing to name a few.

scottsdale bird watching

The fun and excitement continues with a multitude of unique and fulfilling experiences. Bird watching is a popular activity to engage in while at the preserve. With such beautiful scenery in and around the preserve, there is ample opportunity snag numerous photos of Arizona’s natural beauty with a camera. In addition to photography, many artists love to flock to the area to find inspiration for their next painting. Inspiration is everywhere in this area where reflection, peaceful lounging and invigorating hikes are all in the offering.

As previously mentioned, rock climbing is one of the favorite activities here at the preserve. Whether or not you are new to rock climbing or well versed in the activity, there are numerous climbing adventures to experience. Many of the climbing areas in the preserve feature fixed bolt attachments providing absolute safety for all climbers wanting to participate. These safety bolts are drilled directly into hard granite rock ensuring that they will support rock climbers on their adventure. Mountain biking is also incredibly enjoyable as there are numerous amounts of trials for you and friends to explore.

horseback riding scottsdale

Horseback riding is enjoyable in the preserve as many of the trails found in the area are intended for exactly that. With different trails for different levels of riding, those that enjoy horseback riding will find that each ride is unique and different. Many visitors to the preserve choose to hike on their own, even though there is an option to be taken on a guided hike. Regardless of your decision you’re sure to have some fun either way. For more information on things to do in the Scottsdale area contact Stay With Style Scottsdale today!

Why You Should Visit Arizona On Your Next Vacation

If you are looking for a fun and unique vacation destination, consider visiting Arizona. The Copper State is home to the majestic Saguaro cactus and offers sparkling, star-filled skies almost year round. The winter season is mild with cool, crisp nights while the summer months offer balmy evenings and many entertainment options. When you need a comfortable place to stay in Arizona, consider Stay with Style Scottsdale, the expert in Scottsdale vacation rentals.


scottsdale art

The southwest is home to several Native American tribes that produce colorful art by way of weaving, painting, and pottery. If you prefer something more cosmopolitan, the Scottsdale Art Galleries have many exceptional pieces and exhibits for you to enjoy. After a morning of art, you can play golf on one of several beautiful and challenging golf courses in the area.


arizona hiking

Aside from golf, Arizona has hundreds of hiking trails in its many parks and mountain ranges. You can enjoy a casual stroll followed by a picnic lunch or choose a more rugged climb to stay fit. There are also hot-air balloon rides to help you enjoy the splendid beauty of the desert. At the end of the day, you can unwind at one of the many spas in the area by getting a massage or a beauty treatment.


shopping in Arizona

Scottsdale has many strip malls with small, exclusive shops along with larger shopping malls that feature luxury stores with designer merchandise. Once you finish your shopping, you can have a meal at a premier restaurant. There is Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican cuisine available. No matter your tastes or budget, there is something for you and your family to enjoy.

Stay with Style Scottsdale has an experienced staff that will help you find the perfect place to stay when you visit Arizona. If you are interested in Scottsdale vacation rentals, visit the website or call 480-818-6559 for more information.