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Recently, I visited the beautiful city of Scottsdale, Arizona. Located just 40~ minutes from Phoenix, Scottsdale is the perfect weekend getaway to escape the cold. As someone who lives in Seattle, I am always looking for more ways to soak in some vitamin D. The beauty of Scottsdale is its diversity – you can wake up early for a hike in the red mountains of Sedona before sipping mimosas by the pool in the afternoon. It’s a city that offers nature, a cosmopolitan feel, but most of all, tons of variety. Below I have created what I think is the best way to spend 48 hours in Scottsdale. NOTE: I am a brunch person, so most of the meals I splurged on were brunch. Luckily, Scottsdale has some of the best spots for brunch.


Where to stay, eat, and do.

My best recommendations for how to spend a weekend in this desert Oasis.

Step 1: Find a place to stay.

When booking a place to stay, look no further than Stay with Style: Scottsdale. They are a family owned business with some of the most fun & modern properties in the city. With 9 different properties to choose from—you can find one that best suits the needs of your group. I recommend a vacation rental over a hotel for multiple reasons: 1. You can have the pool all to yourselves. One of the things I dislike most about hotel pools is that they’re always so crowded and cabanas cost too much money to rent for the day. With a vacation rental, you can guarantee that there will be spots to lounge by the pool and that it won’t close at 10pm. 2. The kitchen. Seems like a simple thing that you wouldn’t think you would want on vacation, but having a kitchen was a huge bonus to saving a lot of money in the city. All of the properties come with a fully stocked kitchen so you can blend your own drinks to enjoy by the pool and bring your own snacks. Our rental, The Hummingbird house, even had a cute coffee bar to enjoy in the mornings and a BBQ grill to enjoy during the day. The house had everything we needed to have a stress-free weekend. 3. The price. For $265 a night Sadie and I had a 3-bedroom house with a pool all to ourselves. It was the perfect recipe for a relaxing weekend away.

An added bonus of this accommodation is that it came with a free activity planner called Concishare. This made it easy for us to book a balloon flight last minute because the owner knew the people who owned the balloon company. It was definitely a highlight of the trip!


Step 2: Find things to do.

One of my favorite things about Scottsdale is that there is never a shortage of things to do. This is a city that caters to both the leisurely and adventure travelers—and everyone who falls in between. Sadie and I knew that we had to get out and explore Sedona—a very unique and beautiful place in Arizona. Located just two hours away from Scottsdale, the first thing on our agenda was to hike some of Arizona’s red rock mountains. I had always been intrigued by Devil’s Bridge and knew this is where I wanted to spend sunset on the first day. The hike is pretty popular, so be prepared to park in overflow parking. It’s about a 4-5 mile hike roundtrip that is relatively easy. It’s a must see if you plan to make the drive out to Sedona.

Sadie walking across the iconic Devil’s Bridge. It’s relatively sturdy—but please take caution if you decide to walk out there!

Sadie walking across the iconic Devil’s Bridge. It’s relatively sturdy—but please take caution if you decide to walk out there!

A Scottsdale must: fly in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

One of my favorite things we did on this trip was fly in a hot air balloon over Scottsdale at sunrise. Initially I was afraid to go, but it has been a bucket list item of mine for a long time, and when Concishare offered the last minute opportunity, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. It was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. Flying in the hot air balloon was extremely peaceful and it was amazing to see balloons speckled across a golden sky. If you can only do one thing in Scottsdale—this should be it. The company we flew with was BalloonsAZ. Their staff was really knowledgeable and funny and they also provided a fun breakfast afterwards.


If you want to splurge and visit a pool bar for the heck of it, I would recommend the pool bar located at the Andaz Scottsdale resort. The drinks were fun and the pool had plenty cabanas to lounge around in while you sip. We spent an afternoon over here to listen to a live DJ and get our tan on.

Sadie sitting at the fun poolside bar. We loved the modern look & feel of this space.

Sadie sitting at the fun poolside bar. We loved the modern look & feel of this space.

Step 3: Find places to brunch.

I am going to be honest here and say—that brunch is by far the best meal while traveling for 2 reasons: it’s delicious and it allows you to eat two meals in the same sitting which allows more time for exploring. That being said, Scottsdale had some of the best brunch places to choose from. The two places below had amazing ambiance and food. Thanks to both Hash Kitchen and Eggstasy for providing Sadie and I with delicious eats!

Spot 1: Hash Kitchen


Hash kitchen is a must visit spot if you’re in Scottsdale. On Saturday mornings the place is like a party. They bring a live DJ, have a bloody mary bar, and serve alcoholic cereal shooters (seen above). It’s a fun way to start the morning off right.

Spot 2: Eggstasy

Located just a short distance from our rental property, Eggstasy was the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy brunch. With a large outdoor patio and a walk-up bar, you can’t go wrong with choosing this place. Some of our favorites included the lemon ricotta pancakes and their morning hash. Both equally delicious.

The food we ordered. Check out the garnishing on the bloody mary!

The food we ordered. Check out the garnishing on the bloody mary!

Bloody mary with a slice of bacon covered in chocolate.

Bloody mary with a slice of bacon covered in chocolate.

I am excited to be giving away this same experience to two people! See Instagram post for more details :)!

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

scottsdale vacation rentals

Although vacation rentals are rising in popularity, many people are still unsure if it’s home is a good choice for them. There a multitude of reasons why choosing a vacation rental home over a hotel makes sense.

Vacation Homes Offer More Bang For Your Buck

scottsdale vacation rentals

A luxurious vacation home can be rented for the equivalent price of a luxury hotel room. Stay With Style Scottsdale has homes ranging from three bedrooms to eleven bedrooms. From flat screen TV’s and air conditioning to a pool to get away from the heat, we have a rental just for you. If you are vacationing with your significant other, a group of friends, your kids, or your grand-kids, having access to an entire house allows for more comfortability and enjoyability.


A vacation rental home offers you the flexibility of a hotel in a town away from home while ensuring comfortability. Hotel rooms lack an adequate amount of space for you and your friends/family. Our luxury Scottsdale vacation rental services let you choose a quality home to provide everything you need to have a comfortable stay.


scottsdale rentals privacy

Hotels tend to be very crowded. Tourists flood the common areas at hotels making it difficult to relax. Going to the pool is a process in and of itself, from going down from your room, maneuvering the crowded lobby, and then dealing with the crowds around the pool. Relaxing in your room isn’t a guarantee either, depending on the insulation in the walls. Stay With Style Scottsdale offers private properties on quiet residential streets in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.

Family Oriented

As an alternative to hotel rooms, vacation homes have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your time away. Many families enjoy our properties so much that returning to their temporary stay is the highlight of their day. Whether it is spent laying out in the sun, playing a few games of pool, hitting up the golf courses, or around the TV each night, Stay With Style Scottsdale can provide you with the vacation you seek.

Information On The McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Scottsdale Arizona has a plethora of awesome locations to visit, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is no exception. For the type of people who enjoy the outdoors and what nature has to offer, you will discover that this unique part of Arizona, as well as your new family vacation rental in Scottsdale, has much to offer.

Considered to be one of the more popular nature preserves in Scottsdale, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a non-motorized recreation area that includes activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and rock climbing to name a few.

scottsdale bird watching

The fun and excitement continues with a multitude of unique and fulfilling experiences. Bird watching is a popular activity to engage in while at the preserve. With such beautiful scenery in and around the preserve, there is ample opportunity snag numerous photos of Arizona’s natural beauty with a camera. In addition to photography, many artists love to flock to the area to find inspiration for their next painting. Inspiration is everywhere in this area where reflection, peaceful lounging and invigorating hikes are all in the offering.

As previously mentioned, rock climbing is one of the favorite activities here at the preserve. Whether or not you are new to rock climbing or well versed in the activity, there are numerous climbing adventures to experience. Many of the climbing areas in the preserve feature fixed bolt attachments providing absolute safety for all climbers wanting to participate. These safety bolts are drilled directly into hard granite rock ensuring that they will support rock climbers on their adventure. Mountain biking is also incredibly enjoyable as there are numerous amounts of trials for you and friends to explore.

horseback riding scottsdale

Horseback riding is enjoyable in the preserve as many of the trails found in the area are intended for exactly that. With different trails for different levels of riding, those that enjoy horseback riding will find that each ride is unique and different. Many visitors to the preserve choose to hike on their own, even though there is an option to be taken on a guided hike. Regardless of your decision you’re sure to have some fun either way. For more information on things to do in the Scottsdale area contact Stay With Style Scottsdale today!

Why You Should Visit Arizona On Your Next Vacation

If you are looking for a fun and unique vacation destination, consider visiting Arizona. The Copper State is home to the majestic Saguaro cactus and offers sparkling, star-filled skies almost year round. The winter season is mild with cool, crisp nights while the summer months offer balmy evenings and many entertainment options. When you need a comfortable place to stay in Arizona, consider Stay with Style Scottsdale, the expert in Scottsdale vacation rentals.


scottsdale art

The southwest is home to several Native American tribes that produce colorful art by way of weaving, painting, and pottery. If you prefer something more cosmopolitan, the Scottsdale Art Galleries have many exceptional pieces and exhibits for you to enjoy. After a morning of art, you can play golf on one of several beautiful and challenging golf courses in the area.


arizona hiking

Aside from golf, Arizona has hundreds of hiking trails in its many parks and mountain ranges. You can enjoy a casual stroll followed by a picnic lunch or choose a more rugged climb to stay fit. There are also hot-air balloon rides to help you enjoy the splendid beauty of the desert. At the end of the day, you can unwind at one of the many spas in the area by getting a massage or a beauty treatment.


shopping in Arizona

Scottsdale has many strip malls with small, exclusive shops along with larger shopping malls that feature luxury stores with designer merchandise. Once you finish your shopping, you can have a meal at a premier restaurant. There is Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican cuisine available. No matter your tastes or budget, there is something for you and your family to enjoy.

Stay with Style Scottsdale has an experienced staff that will help you find the perfect place to stay when you visit Arizona. If you are interested in Scottsdale vacation rentals, visit the website or call 480-818-6559 for more information.

Visit Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale Arizona

Many people flock to the top Scottsdale vacation rental houses each year to enjoy warm sunny weather and luxury amenities. A recent addition to the Scottsdale area is Butterfly Wonderland, which is a unique rainforest experience in an indoor environment. Best of all, the wonderland is located close to Stay with Style Scottsdale, a top Scottsdale vacation rental agency.

Flower Landings

scottsdale butterflies

Butterfly Wonderland is the nation’s biggest pavilion for butterflies. Hundreds of beautiful species fly freely and land on the plants and flowers of the rainforest environment. In some cases, the butterflies will land on the fingers, hands and shoulders of pavilion visitors. The experience is very enjoyable for all ages, providing many hours of entertainment.

Insect Migration

The wonderland also provides a breathtaking 3-D theater that presents an interesting and educational story about the life of butterflies, especially the monarch species. This butterfly has one of the longest migration paths on Earth with millions traveling between Mexico and Canada every year. Their black and yellow wings are among some of the world’s most photographed.

Butterfly Evolution

butterfly wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland has a special feature called the emergence gallery. This is where visitors can see the spectacular metamorphosis of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, which is one of the most amazing processes in nature. It must be seen to be believed, and the stunning beauty of each butterfly is sure to please the most discriminating tourist.
Those who want to visit Arizona and enjoy the best the Copper State has to offer should look no further than Stay with Style Scottsdale. The helpful and experienced staff can easily match visitors with comfortable and luxurious accommodations that are near all of the major attractions, including Butterfly Wonderland.

Call 480-818-6559 or visit the website to find a top Scottsdale vacation rental.

Things to do in Scottsdale in June 2019

In June Scottsdale is plays host to many community events that are fun for the whole family. Scottsdale is considered the hub of entertainment in the Phoenix area.  All the more reason to stay in Scottsdale when visiting Arizona. Please contact us about your Scottsdale vacation rentals needs and we will find the right fit for you.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park’s Concert Series

Date: June 2, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Recurring Event Details
Occurs: Sunday every week until June 30, 2019
Location: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Map it
7301 E. Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, AZ
Cost: Free admission.
Event Details

Description: Enjoy a variety of local bands from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Sundays at the park. Bring a blanket, chairs and snacks – or buy munchies on-site. Train and carousel tickets are $2 each with kids younger than 2 riding free with a paying adult.

ArtWalkThis is a recurring event

scottsdale azDate: June 6, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Recurring Event Details
Occurs: Thursday every week until December 31, 2019
Location: Old Town Arts District
Cost: Free.
Event Details

Description: Enjoy Scottsdale ArtWalk – an American original. From 7-9 p.m. every Thursday, Old Town galleries open their doors to collector and casual patrons alike to enjoy featured artists, a cultural environment and refreshments.

Mighty Mud Mania

scottsdale azDate: June 8, 2019
Time: 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Chaparral Park Map it
5401 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ
Cost: Free To Attend
Signup Information

Description: Join us June 8th at Chaparral park for the 44th annual Mighty Mud Mania event! Mighty Mud Mania offers muddy obstacles for people of all ages and ability levels. The event includes the Original Mud course, Mini Mud, Muddy Tot, Mudville, Extreme course, and Inflatable Slide Arena. The event is FREE to attend and all courses are free for anyone 0 – 17. For more information visit search “Mighty Mud Mania”

My Bachelorette Party at our Scottsdale AZ Vacation Rental

I’ve been wanting to post about my incredible bachelorette party for a while now and I’m finally getting around to it! First off, I cannot thank Stay With Style Scottsdale enough for letting us have my celebration in their BEAUTIFUL rental home with endless amenities and services! We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in the most amazing home. If you are thinking of having your bachelorette party or any type of celebration in Scottsdale, I highly recommend booking with them! Check out all their properties here! My girls went above and beyond to throw me the best celebration I could ever ask for!

Why Scottsdale?

We chose to have my party in Scottsdale because 1) one of my Maid of Honors and so many of my friends live there and 2) I wanted to stay in a home by Stay With Style Scottsdale so bad and with their generosity and God’s alignment of the opportunity, it became reality!

Plus there are SO many things to do in Scottsdale…besides the bars! As a bride who doesn’t care for “going out”, Scottsdale doesn’t seem like the right place to go. However, our weekend was packed full of activities that matched my personality and interests perfectly! There is so much more to Scottsdale than the stereotypes. I was also surrounded by all of my closest gals so whatever the festivities, I knew it was going to be so much fun and full of celebration of becoming a wife!

The House

We were lucky enough to stay in this amazing house that holds 20 PEOPLE…yes, 20 PEOPLE! Not only was it spacious, gorgeous, and full of amenities but it was in the perfect location. We were only five minutes away from Kierland + Scottsdale Quarter, all of the great restaurants, and so many different hiking destinations.

Below are photos of the backyard….a huge pool, adorable fire pit area, and huge gathering space where we were able to have a yoga class, led my talented sister-in-law!

They even have beautiful serving boards for girls who LOVE making their platters!

My favorite part of the entire weekend was the yoga class that my sister-in-law led! It was so intentional, peaceful, and sentimental to me. Being surrounded by so many of the people I love, taking the time to focus on our mental, spiritual, and physical health together was so meaningful.

Of course we made delicious platter boards to snack on while hanging out at the pool!

The perfect photo spots…EVERYWHERE! Like in front of this beautiful fireplace I was obsessed with.

Shirts from Shopluvolive on Etsy


The list of amenities with Stay With Style Scottsdale is endless. From all the hosting, serving, and cooking items you can think of, to fun pool floaties, to even a grill and 20 person outdoor table! Each room comes with cozy sheets, blankets, pillows and tons of extra towels. They even have a huge closet full of any items you could possibly need. Again, you cannot go wrong with staying with them. It is truly a luxury!


My girls planned so many fun food outings since I’m obsessed with all of the yummy choices in Scottsdale!

One night, we got all dressed up and of course I wore a veil (not my choice lol) and went to dinner at Postino in Kierland. If you love bruschetta like me…YOU HAVE TO GO HERE! You get a huge platter of bruschetta of your choice with so many delicious kinds to choose from. My personal favorites were the prosciutto with fig & mascarpone and ricotta with dates & pistachios! Afterwards, we walked around the shops in the Quarter and got served champagne in the Kendra Scott Store!

After dinner, the girls surprised me with a group wine & canvas painting night at Wine & Design!

My all time favorite restaurant in Scottsdale, Flower Child!


If you know me, you know I don’t leave Arizona without getting in at least one hike. Our house was close to so many of my favorite hikes including Pinnacle Peak! It is an easier hike, perfect for jogging or for enjoying conversation with friends as you look out to see some of the most beautiful homes and golf courses in the city. Since our trip was in August when AZ is the hottest, we had to get a head start on our hike at 5 am! It was still beautiful and enjoyable even in the intense heat!


GUYS! Our house was only five minutes away from Hillsong Church Scottsdale! This Sunday morning church experience was the perfect end to a weekend with some of my favorite people, celebrating the most holy covenant Michael and I would soon be entering in. I used to attend Hillsong when I lived in New York City and instantly fell in love with the church and its message. In fact, I even met one of my best friends there the very first time I ventured there on my own. I HIGHLY recommend taking your group to church here during your stay with Stay With Style Scottsdale! What could be more perfect than ending your bachelorette party with time of worship for our Savior for all he has done, with your friends and family?!

On The Hunt For Scottsdale Polo Vacation Rentals?

Gorgeous Scottsdale Polo vacation rentals for the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championship

If you’ve never been to the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’ve attended before, then you know it’s coming up soon — November 10th and 11th at WestWorld of Scottsdale (16601 N. Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ) — so now is the time to browse and book one of our Scottsdale Polo vacation rentals, perfect for families, groups, reunions, parties and more.

If you’re not in it for the sport, you’ll love the event’s many celebrity guests, New DJ-infused party tents, musical performances by The Phoenix Symphony, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix Opera and Phoenix Boys Choir, as well as returning fan favorites like the Scottsdale Arabian horses, the Arizona Humane society Canine Couture: A Dog Fashion Show Like No Other, and the World’s Longest Catwalk Fashion Show, all of which prove there’s more to be seen and heard then hours in the day.

And of course, six world-class polo matches that help mark this as “the best polo event in the world,” according to the captain of the world-famous Wales Polo Team.

It’s a one-of-a-kind extravaganza that only comes once a year — and it’s only minutes away from our many Scottsdale Polo vacation rentals. Lucky you!

So don’t wait — find out more about the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships at and make sure to book your stay with us soon, our properties, featuring inspired architecture, distinct floor plans, comfortable decor, luxurious amenities, and much, much more, are renting out fast. See you soon!

5 Ways To Beat The Heat | Scottsdale AZ Vacation Rentals

5 Ways To Beat The Heat | Scottsdale AZ Vacation Rentals

It’s August — which means we’re officially in the dog days of summer in the Valley of the Sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t soak it all in and around our Scottsdale, AZ vacation rentals! And it’s not just limited to our neck of the woods, surrounding cities, like Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale—and even more just a short drive away—all offer wonderful ways to stay cool when you’re Staying With Style.

Check out these five great tips to beat the heat from a Phoenix-native, courtesy of

Tubing The Salt River

It sounds somewhat poetic: The Salt River is a stream formed by the confluence of the White River and the Black River in eastern Arizona, and it flows through russet mountains, Ponderosa forests, and lower desert tributaries of metro Phoenix. But in the summertime at the Mesa launch point of Salt River Tubing , the river is really a jam-packed party on water, with people of all ages angling to cruise their tubes away from the crowds and crack open a can (or several) of beer.

Do: Put something sturdy on.
Thick denim shorts should do the trick. Just make sure they don’t already have holes back there. Men’s shorts might be OK, but bikinis bottoms are doomed if the wearer, say, drifts rear-first into a rock.

Do: Bring beer.
Ice chests are available to rent onsite, or you can bring your own cooler (Styrofoam coolers are “not recommended”). All ice chests and coolers will be checked for glass bottles.

Don’t: Pack glass bottles.
They are prohibited at Salt River Tubing and the Lower Salt River Recreational Area. And why would you bring glass anyway when aluminum stays so much colder?

Do: Wear shoes.
Not flip-flops or Birkenstocks, but actual sneakers or tennis shoes – something with soles to protect your feet from the rocks on the river bottom and the occasional broken bottles thanks to the rule-breakers who somehow got glass past the cooler checks.

Don’t: Tie your tubes together.
Some people might think it’s fun to tie their innertubes together to form a chain and “snake” down the river, but what really happens is they usually become a tangle of ropes and rubber blocking others peoples’ paths down the stream.

Do: Slather your skin in sunblock.
Seriously. According to, the minimum recommendation is 30 SPF, but you can stand a whole lot more. Apply before and during your excursion, unless you want to look like part of an intoxicated lobster parade.

Don’t: Forget to bring a lot of water.
Alcohol is great, but water is life – especially in triple-digit temps with the sun beating down on you. Drink a minimum of one to two 24-ounce bottles per hour.

Where: 9200 N. Bush Hwy., Mesa
When: Open every day from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.,  float times range from two to five hours
Cost: $17 per person or tube (includes tube rental, shuttle service, and free parking at the Salt River Tubing Recreation tubing terminal)
More info:

Visit Tonto Natural Bridge

A series of trails traverse through and around Tonto Natural Bridge (the largest natural travertine arch in the world), which features grottos with hanging greenery and caves with cascading waterfalls. That’s nature-speak for the perfect spot for panoramic pictures and Insta-worthy scenery.

Do: Grab a map.
The park’s two trails are easily confused and your five-mile hike could easily turn into 13 miles if you make a wrong turn.

Don’t: Wear flip-flops.
The rocks, water and brush are sure to guarantee a slip.

Do: Bring your camera.
The waterfall off the bridge makes for a super-solid social media photo op.

Don’t: Forget water.
Once you start on your hike, there aren’t any freshwater sources. Trust us: You don’t want to be the person trying to use the fall as your own personal water fountain.

Where: Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, located in Tonto National Forest near Payson
When: Open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last entry at 4 p.m.)
Cost: $7 per person
More info: 928-476-4202,

Learn about more Arizona wonders that aren’t the Grand Canyon.

Explore Fossil Creek Falls

You probably won’t find any fossils on the mile-long hike to the Fossil Creek waterfall, but you will find clear, blue and turquoise water and lush greenery unlike anywhere else in the state. Fossil Creek offers opportunities for cliff jumping, swimming and sunbathing. You know what that means, kids – sunblock and hydration are a must.

Do: Buy a permit.
During the summer months, a permit is required to park your car or hike. Permits can be reserved or purchased online at, but they’re not available onsite.

Do: BYOF (Bring Your Own Food).
There are plenty of places for a picnic by the water, so whether you throw a few bags of chips or a three-course meal in your CamelBak, Fossil Creek is a great place to grub.

Do: Go for a dip.
With the sun relentlessly beating down and all that refreshing water, this is no time to just sit and tan, people.

Don’t: Risk it.
We get it – capturing a backflip off the waterfall would kill the Snapchat game, but always remember to take a moment to assess the situation. If a cliff looks too high or the water looks too shallow, don’t make the dive.

Where: Fossil Creek Road, Strawberry
When: Open every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost: $10 for a daily parking permit
Website: 928-203-2900,

Enjoy Lake Pleasant

“Survive Lake Pleasant” sounds like the title of a comedic horror film, right? But Lake Pleasant Regional Park is seriously cool, if you follow a few (yawn) rules and play nice.

Do: Wear sunblock.
This should just be Phoenix’s slogan everywhere all summer.

Don’t: Bring an inflatable pool raft.
Why would you bring a thin latex blowup swan to a cactus-dappled desert lake anyway?

Don’t: Swim after your inflatable pool raft if it blows away.
Oh no you didn’t. Better hope some hottie in a speedboat saves you from drowning.

Do: Cook with gas.
Gas and propane grills are permitted year-round in the ramada areas and developed campsites.

Don’t: Start a fire.
Maricopa County Parks and Recreation instituted its annual fire ban on May 8. Smoking is not prohibited, but no longer considered cool.

Do: Also check out Tempe Town Lake.
It’s closer to the center of the metro area. Granted, it can be a lot more crowded than Lake Pleasant on account of not being out in the middle of nowhere, but that also means less privacy.

Where: Lake Pleasant Regional Park, 41835 N. Castle Hot Springs Road, Morristown
When: Open 24/7
Cost: $6 per day
More info: 928-501-1710,

Learn more about Lake Pleasant and six other man-made lakes in the Valley where you can cool off.

Take A Spin Around Water Wheel

Why overpay to spend the day at a waterpark when you can visit a less-crowded equivalent surrounded by nature? Water Wheel near Payson offers a scenic out-and-back hike that gives way to a waterfall and swimming hole with a natural wooden staircase and rock slide.

Warning: This scenic spot is like buried treasure – annoying and tedious to find, but well worth the hunt.

Do: Camp nearby.
If sleeping under the stars is your style, there are a number of campgrounds close to Water Wheel that make it easy to get up and go.

Do: Wear a bathing suit.
It’s imperative that you wear comfortable hiking attire and sturdy footwear for the trek to the swimming hole, but there’s nowhere to change into your swimming gear once you get there. We recommend rocking your suit under your clothes for a seamless post-hike dive into the water. Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry off or lie out for optimal lounging on the surrounding rocks.

Do: Bring Fido.
Most of the spots on this list require you to leave your four-legged friends at home, but Water Wheel hike is mellow enough for those with a tail to tag along (as long as they’re on a leash, of course).

Do: Make a pre-hike pit stop.
There are no bathrooms once you head out on the hike, so make sure you hit the powder room (a.k.a porta-potty) in the parking lot before you set off.

Don’t: Get caught up with fancy footwork.
The entire area is pretty wet and rocky, so we don’t recommend practicing your moonwalk here. The “ladder” at the edge of the main waterfall is especially slippery, so use caution if you choose to climb it.

Where: Water Wheel Falls, located in Tonto National Forest near Payson
When: Open 24/7
Cost: $6 for a parking permit
More info: 928-474-7900,

Rain, Rain, Go Away From Our Vacation Rentals Scottsdale

Rainy, Rain Go Away From Our Vacation Rentals Scottsdale

There’s definitely no shortage of things to do in The Valley of the Sun this summer, but what about around the end of July or early August, when the city’s desert-driven storms, known locally as ‘monsoons’, make an appearance near our vacation rentals? Scottsdale gets more than 200 days of sunshine year-round, so what do you do when it rains? Don’t worry, with a little help from our friends at Visit Phoenix, we’ve got you covered:

Check out a Museum

Drizzle, downpour, or dust storm, you can count on our world-famous museums to shield you from the elements.


Hit the Mall

As if you needed a reason to treat yourself, seek shelter at Scottsdale Fashion Square when rain is in the forecast. Catch a movie at Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square, watch the storm roll in from the safety of the covered patios at Kona Grill or Yard House, or cure your rainy day blues with retail therapy at the hundreds of stores inside Arizona’s largest shopping center.

Catch a Movie

There’s no such thing as a boring rainy day at Alamo Drafthouse, where great movies, cold beer and good food come together in perfect harmony. Duck for cover inside either their Tempe or Chandler locales, where the only condensation you’ll find is on your ice cold pint glass.

Grab a Drink

When it’s raining outside, it’s pouring inside at local Phoenix breweries and coffee shops. Stop refreshing your weather app and refresh with a hot latte or a cold pint instead.

Family-Friendly Activities

It’s raining, it’s pouring and your kids say it’s boring. Get out of the house and keep your crew entertained at  Legoland Discovery CenterOdysea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland. Work up an appetite racing Lego vehicles or hanging with stingrays? Head to one of Phoenix’s kid-friendly restaurants.

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