About Us

Looking for the best luxury vacation rentals in Scottsdale? We take pride in offering higher-end, luxurious accommodations that are well-priced and feature all of the amenities of a real home. And we should know, we got into this business because my wife was continually frustrated when trying to find a good vacation rental. She’s a designer by trade, so her expectations are very high—she wants quality bedding, lots of space to relax in, and immaculate surroundings. We couldn’t find those creature comforts when we went looking, so we created them ourselves! Now our signature vacation rentals in Scottsdale are available to you.

We are a Hubby&Wife team and started with a high-end, architectural condo in Phoenix that was more extended stay than vacation length, and it always booked within a few days, if not hours. Later, we converted another of our long-term rentals in a highly sought-after neighborhood, and after a year of rave reviews, we realized we had a business model that the market was begging for—all before the sharing economy exploded. Fast forward to 2019 and we now have nine of the best North Scottsdale Vacation Rentals in varying sizes and are still looking to expand. Take a moment to browse our signature vacation rentals in Scottsdale and we promise, you won’t need to look any further. Discover a paradise to call your own when you Stay With Style!